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About Design Your Ad
Design Your Ad is a free learning site containing 100's of pages of straightforward advice on how to get a strong response from your print advertising. You'll find different areas focusing on every stage of the advertising process, including creating your strategy, designing your ad, building your ad, and running your ad. You'll also find other free areas, including an ad makeover section. In fact, the only area that isn't free contains a course taken from our live ad effectiveness seminars.

Over the past 18 years, we've helped tens of thousands of businesses in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. in our live seminars and strategy sessions, showing attendees how to get a dramatic and immediate response from their print advertising without any special creative skills. Major newspapers such as the Boston Herald, Honolulu Advertiser, Toronto Globe and Mail, Cincinnati Enquirer, Washington Business Journal, and hundreds of other publications have turned to us to teach them how to get their advertisers a strong response fast.

Why did we create Design Your Ad?
Although there's no shortage of places to advertise--including the Internet--the vast majority of advertisers still run, and succeed, primarily in newspapers, shoppers, magazines, and other print publications. After years of hearing business owners share their appreciation for our advice on the subject of print advertising, we decided to create an entire web site dedicated to helping advertisers.

Our disclaimer
One word of caution. Although we can provide you with an excellent approach to developing ad strategies, how you apply the techniques and how you interpret the information about your business, products, competition, and target customers is up to you. As a result, we can't guarantee you a response, nor can we be held responsible for any problems arising out of use of the advice found on this web site. You can view our copyright information here.

Again, welcome and we wish you best of luck with your advertising this season!




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