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Determining Ad Size
Determining Ad Size

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Before you begin designing your ad, a good thing to know is the size the ad will eventually be.

Ad size is a tricky issue, and we get asked about it a lot during our live seminars, such as, "How big is too big?" "How small is too small?" "If the advertising rates are higher in some publications, how should that affect my ad size?"

Despite the confusing information circulating about budgeting and ad size, there is an ad size that's right for you.

Finding that ultimate and sometimes elusive ad size—big enough to generate a strong response but not so big that it becomes too difficult to make a return on your advertising investment—is what we'll discuss here.

First, we'll examine the misinformation relating to ad size and then show you a reliable approach we teach to advertisers at our live seminars.

Of course, a poorly designed ad won't generate much of a response at any size, so be sure the your ad itself is effective before you actually run it.

The articles in this and other sections on planning, designing, building, and running your ad, as well as our online course will help ensure the content is as effective as possible.


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