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How To Run An Ad

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Weekly newspapers, sometimes known as community or suburban newspapers, have advantages all their own.

The term "weekly newspaper" typically refers to a quality editorial product that publishes once a week. The weekly newspaper often features quality editorial that meets or even exceeds that of the daily newspaper in the market. This differentiates it from a "shopper," which is a weekly publication that contains mostly ads and little significant editorial content.

These newspapers report on the news that's most important to their readers--whether it's what's happening in their children's school system, the quality of their drinking water, or other important information readers just can't get anywhere else.

This means the newspaper is read, and read thoroughly. Since these papers typically are published once each week, they're more likely to have a longer shelf life, meaning your ad could possibly be seen more than once.

Just like daily newspaper readers, weekly readers are literate, like to read, and as a result tend to have a higher than average level of expendable income, even higher than that of the average daily newspaper reader.

Unlike most daily newspapers, some weekly newspapers are free but most still get quite a bit of readership.

Their main disadvantage is also their biggest advantage. Since these are community newspapers, not everyone is interested in reading them and as a result, these newspapers usually have lower circulation than their daily counterparts, sometimes significantly lower. However, since they often have upscale households as readers, many considered weekly newspapers a more targeted buy.

Keep in mind though, that even though these newspapers might be less expensive than the dailies, they do have less circulation and you'll probably be paying a higher CPM.

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