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Before designing your ad, it's helpful to know as much as you can about your target customers and exactly what makes them respond.

Larger companies, such as the chain stores, spend millions on research to figure this out. But often, those of us who compete with these big businesses simply don't have the budget to do the same degree of fact-finding, which puts us at a distinct disadvantage.

So how can a business compete? Fortunately, learning what your major competitors know about advertising isn't as difficult as, say, getting the formula for Coca-Cola or KFC's secret recipe. By looking at the end result of your competitor's research and analysis--their ads--you can learn all sorts of things about what your own strategy should be.

Answers to just about everything, from the best typefaces to use, to what headlines are most effective, to whether to include prices and product shots, may lie in your successful competitors' ads.

Just make sure these competitors are both large and successful, or they may not know any more than you do, and might even lead you in the wrong direction.

This is not to suggest that your business needs to become more like your competition. Your business is unique and has it's own unique selling points. However, when it comes to the fundamentals, such as product, price, guarantee, it can be very helpful to see how your competition is advertising.

If there's no large chain store or other major business competing with you in your own market, try to locate the ads of those in another market. In most cases, they'll serve you just as well.

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