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"We only do image ads" and "I just want to get my name out" are two common desires expressed by advertisers. Unfortunately, these comments are usually a sign of a flawed advertising strategy.

This article will explain why advertisers gravitate toward running "image ads", why it's usually a bad strategy, and what they should do instead.

Many businesses run image ads after seeing and attempting to emulate the most professionally designed ads they see around them, often ads by major manufacturers and service providers. Since these advertisers have access to the best ad agencies and the best designers, it would seem to make sense to follow their lead.

The problem is, most of these ads are branding ads.

While we certainly suggest studying successful advertisers (there's a whole article on what you can learn from your competitors' ads elsewhere on this site), we don't suggest emulating branding ads. This type of advertising attempts to change the readers' lifestyles, needs, and wants.

As our course explains, a better goal for the typical advertiser is to "go where the money is" and target those people who already know they need a particular product or service. It almost always results in a faster and more dramatic response, which makes advertising a whole lot more affordable, too.

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