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While at first glance it might seem area pet owners are the target customers, Fox Valley knew that for all of their services, the area's veterinarians were the ones to go after.

For example, when pets are in emergency situations, their owners don't always look in the Yellow Pages or other directories for an emergency hospital.

Instead, owners with pet emergencies typically call their own veterinarian first. If it's after hours, pet owners hear a recording with the name and number of the vet's preferred 24-hour emergency clinic, which was often Fox Valley.

The other parts of their practice that needed to be promoted were non-emergency services such as testing and surgery. Fox Valley had the equipment and board-certified veterinary surgeons to handle just about any test or procedure.

Again, it was the area's general veterinarians who referred their own patients to centers like Fox Valley for testing and other procedures, so, once again, veterinarians were the target customers for these services as well.

So, next, we took a closer look at what motivated these target customers to choose one emergency and referral center rather than another.

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