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What motivated veternarians to choose one emergency center rather than another was primaily based on the quality of care their patients would receive. A secondary factor was how the referring of patients to Fox Valley would impact the vets' bottom line.

Promising "we'll take good care of your patients and increase your bottom line" wasn't enough. We needed to provide more proof, so we began digging deeper into what actually determined the level of quality of the care a referral center provided.

Factors included how extensive and technologically advanced the equipment was, how educated and experienced the doctors were, and how much the doctors and other support people really cared about their patients.

Fortunately, Fox Valley excelled in all these areas.

But some veternarians didn't refer their patients to any 24-hour emergency care facility, but instead remained on-call to handle middle-of-the-night cases themselves. These veternarians preferred to treat their own patients (and keep the revenue) instead of getting a good night's sleep and having Fox Valley handle the emergency.

This issue would need to be addressed in the ad as well.

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