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Newspaper Clients
Learn how to design print ads that work
We've taught 1000's of businesses how to get a strong response in our live seminars. Here, you'll find articles--more than 100 pages in all--on each stage of creating effective print ads, including how to plan your ad, design your ad, build your ad, and run your ad.

Color in Your Ad
Is color worth it? What's the best way to use it? What combinations work together best?
Rate Cards
Take the mystery out of those complicated rate cards. Here's everything you need to know.
How Much?
What size ad do you need and how often do you need to run it?
The Course
A logical, step-by-step approach to creating effective ads that work now.
Ad Makeover
See how we overhauled an emergency vet's ad to eliminate common mistakes and improve its effectiveness while keeping it professional.
Getting it Right
How the pros communicate with a publication's creative/production department to minimize errors and get it right.
Good Ads Gone Bad
What do you do when your ad runs with a big or little mistake--or doesn't run at all--and it's the publication's fault.
 What's Here
Ad Strategy 
What you need to do before you begin sketching out your ad.
Ad Design
Color, Type, Artwork, and other things that make your ad look better
Ad Creation
How to go about producing your ad using the latest software applications.
Running Your Ad
How to get your ad into a newspaper or other print publication.
Ad Makeover
See how we applied some of the techniques on this site to overhaul an ad.
Online Course
Take our live course over the Internet with one of our strategy and design experts. We can even give you specific advice on how to make your own ads more effective.

Hire A Speaker
We've conducted 1000'
s of live seminars all over the world to business groups. Find out how we can speak at your upcoming conference or other business meeting.


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