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The Rate Card
The Rate Card

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Rate cards aren't the most exciting part of the process of planning, creating, designing, and running your ad. So it's tempting to not spend a whole lot of time reading the rate card.

But, as we'll explain, there are all sorts of important things in there. In fact, many advertisers don't realize that in addition to all the rates and specifications contained in a rate card, it's also a legal document.

If you learn to read it properly, it'll tell you almost everything you'll need to know about running in a publication.

The problem is, of course, most rate cards aren't as clear as they could be. In fact, I know some publications who intentionally keep their rate card confusing so an advertising representative has to be there with the potential advertiser to "better help them", or in more accurate terms, "better sell them". Although rate cards vary, all of them have a number of things in common.

Here's we'll walk you through each part of a rate card and explain what everything means. We assure you, it'll be worth the time you spend.


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