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The Rate Card

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Frequency discounts are one type of discount your publication might offer. Typically, to earn frequency discounts, it really doesn't matter how large an ad you run, discounts are given only based on how often you run.

So, in addition to the open rate we discussed earlier for those who only want to run once, there's usually a lower rate for someone willing to run once a week for 13 weeks, an even lower one for someone willing to run every week for 26 weeks, and a lower rate still for someone willing to run 52 consecutive weeks. Many daily newspapers also offer frequency discounts for advertisers running multiple times within a week.

Some publications require you to run consecutive weeks, but others just want you to run an ad at least the number of times you've committed to over the course of a year. So, you might have a $50 rate for an advertiser who runs once, a $40.45 rate for an advertiser who commits to run 13 times over the course of a year, a $38.95 rate for an advertiser willing to commit to 26 weeks, and so on.

If the publication in which you're considering advertising offers frequency rates, it might be a good idea to ask if you have to run consecutive weeks or just a certain number of times in a year to take advantage of their frequency rates.

You'll see a sample frequency rate structure below.

Number of weekly insertions Cost per column inch
1x $50.00
13x $40.45
26x $38.95
52x $36.50
Sample frequency rates



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