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The Rate Card

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As you may recall from the start of this section, the rate card was originally simply a card with the rates on it, but over the years rate cards have expanded to provide more information and also protect the newspaper. I'd suggest you take a look at your rate card and read every word on it. It'll answer a lot of questions you might have. Here are a few things you'll probably find besides rates.

Market coverage information and map
Your newspaper has all sorts of separate information about your newspaper's readers, its market and its coverage of that market, which is collected along with the rate card and put into a folder called a media kit. In addition, some newspapers will print some of that same informative and promotional information about the newspaper right in the rate card in case that's the only thing the potential advertiser reads. For example, you might find numbers on circulation and detailed readership information along with a map of the area with the places in which your newspaper circulates colored in.


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