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If your newspaper can print color, then most likely your rate card will include color charges. There are two types of color, spot color and process color. In our ad design area, you can find an in-depth article about color.

An ad with spot color would contain one or more solid colors. Perhaps an important piece of type, a price, or logo would appear in a certain spot color. Process color, or as some people call it, four color, is usually used when you want a photograph in color. Since a color photograph is made up of a mix of the primary colors cyan (a shade of blue), magenta (a shade of red), and yellow, the presses will need to use these three colors in addition to black to make all the colors in a photograph. That's why process color is also called four color.

The prices for color, as well as any charges to prepare the ad and the presses for color, will appear in the rate card. In most cases, color is worth it. I've seen studies that have found that color increases response anywhere between 40% and 60%. This means that if the cost of color is less than 40%-60% additional to the cost of the ad, then the advertiser has a bargain.

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